Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rhyme in Time kept me in Stitches

Today, Parker was in rare form. Typically he has me pulling my hair out. We were on the way home from visiting a friend. The visit ended with me physically dragging him out to the van with a sleeping baby (actually 14 mo old, but still baby) in my arms. So, needless to say, when he kept "Mom--meee"-ing me, I wasn't sure if I wanted to hear what he had to say. To my shock and amazement, he showered me with compliments; telling me I am beautiful, funny and good at cooking dinner, etc. I thanked him and decided I should return the favor. I told him that he was smart, good at rhyming, and making up words. I said just be careful, because some times your made up words are really bad words. (We have this conversation on a regular basis!) He paused and said, "You tell me if it's a bad word." So he began to rhyme while looking out the window.

P: Truck, puck.
M: (phew!) Yep. real words.
P: Sign, Bign.
M: Nope. New word!
P: Castle, Hassle.
M: Those are real words too.
P: Hassle? What does that mean?
M: It's when you bother someone and try to get them to do something.
P: You do that to Daddy all the time.
M: How do you know that?
P: Because Daddy says that all the time.

The end.

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bedelia said...

Really funny. Jonah was just rhyming the other day and swore. He does it in such quick succession though you hardly have time to notice it. I think it was ham, ram slam rhyme.