Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pizzaria Randall

We invited the Elders (missionaries from our church) over for dinner on Sunday/ Valentine's Day. We decided to do something interesting and fun. I think next time we'll have to work some kinks out to make it go faster, but it was really fun for me cooking with my husband and churning out custom made gourmet pizzas with homemade crust!

Our order form.

Two slices of my veggie pizza. I forgot the pineapple!
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More snow stuff and a poem

Our yummy snow ice-cream... Thank you Momma! I posted the recipe on facebook, and lots of people tried it with their kids. Amazing the influence one person can have on a generation. XXOO

My snow Angel.

This was the morning after. It's hard to tell, but those limbs were pretty darn close to touching the ground.

Heard today that maybe our snowman made the news. That would be pretty awesome! I have really enjoyed seeing all the snowmen people built and the creative ways they fixed them up with faces, hats, and buttons, etc.

We're linked together by rolled white snow
Stacked and packed in a vertical row.
Human nature leads us to create
A shape to which we all can relate.
With carrots and buttons, sticks and string,
This new population's awondrous thing.
-GinGin 2010
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Will you cut my hair?



After being told, " At least you didn't get a picture of my pants!" (Nothing like a challenge! She was running away.)

Cleaning up!

Beautiful Alicia. (and stinker brother who has been dogdging the scissors for weeks now. Mwa ha ha ha, you're next son!)
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

8 foot snowman on the loose. Captured on Film!

Once we were all home safe and warm... We had lots of fun enjoying the snow. Thanks to Andrew and Heather for coming over to help out!

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Snow Babies

Today, it seems as though we were transported through time and space to a more northern place!

Zoey's first time playing in the snow!

She liked it!

We built a little snowman.

Zoey thought it was a baby!

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