Saturday, December 12, 2009

Regular Santa

Part 1:
Last night we had our annual Church Christmas social. It was a great night. Of course, the highlight for the kids was a visit from Santa. We've had a LOT of discussions about Santa lately at our house. After the party, I took Lily, our 3 year old, out for a drive. She asked me, "Mommy, was that the regular Santa we just saw, or...?" I told her yes, it was the regular Santa. (lol) She paused to think for a bit. "I didn't know he had hats and candy canes."

Part 2:
Today, Lily said,"Last night we saw the regular Santa, but I wanted to see the fake one." :( hahaha

Finally, we figured out it was because she was watching one of those Santa Clause movies with Tim Allen, and there was a fake robot Santa that she was hoping to see!

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