Friday, April 25, 2008


"Oh, my!"
Necco Wafers
Pretty purses
Baby whisperer
Handkerchief babies
Pretty nails
Washing dishes
Photo Albums
Kitchen drawer
"Is it raining there?"
Valentine cookies
Chocolate chip pies
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

All Hail Broke Loose!

Well... after Eli's show we heard there was a tornado about 30 minutes east of us. So we high tailed it home. The Weatherman... er person said that we'd either get a twister, or hail.

We took an impromptu poll and decided that hail would be better. Thankfully, Heavenly Father agreed. Here are some nice pictures of the hail after it stopped beating on the house. Fortunately, we didn't get any baseball sized hail and all of our house windows are intact. The sirens went off in our city, which sent all of our kids heading for the closet. We had fun snacking on Monkey Bread and popsicles to keep them distracted. I got to tell the tale of the "Hail Storm of 1980" with our broken windows and soaked clothes. I was only like 6 at the time, so maybe it was accurate. ;)

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Eli's Music Program

Every year the kids have a music program. This was Eli's first time in a music program since he's in Kindergarten. He was really cute and the program was great. I have a couple of pics of them getting ready and one during the program. I actually made some videos of the songs they were singing, but either my computer, or my camera got messed up because the kids sound like chipmunks and I can't see much in the video anyhow. Oh well!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Texas Rangers Baseball

Last Friday, we went to a Texas Rangers Game. We had lots of fun. Maybe you can tell from the second photo that we were way, way, way up in the nose bleed seats, but once I got used to being up so high, it was really fun.

All of the kiddos... not just Lily, enjoyed stuffing their faces with snacks. I'm glad its not like the movies and you can bring your own junk food.

Toward the end of the game... last three innings.... Miss Lily got really tired of sitting in laps and having about 3 inches of walking space. It came down to whatever would entertain her. In case you didn't know... she is obsessed with shoes. A real Imelda Marcos, this one is. Anyhow... she was quite amused by the fact that I took pictures of her shoes and showed them too her.
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Alicia's Aye Aye Habitat Diorama!

How Cool is this? Alicia had to make a diorama for a research project in her 4th grade class. I think it turned out excellently!
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Travels

I'm sure that if you are one of my devoted readers, you aren't checking to see a map of my travels, but alas, that is all I have to post today.

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