Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Texas Rangers Baseball

Last Friday, we went to a Texas Rangers Game. We had lots of fun. Maybe you can tell from the second photo that we were way, way, way up in the nose bleed seats, but once I got used to being up so high, it was really fun.

All of the kiddos... not just Lily, enjoyed stuffing their faces with snacks. I'm glad its not like the movies and you can bring your own junk food.

Toward the end of the game... last three innings.... Miss Lily got really tired of sitting in laps and having about 3 inches of walking space. It came down to whatever would entertain her. In case you didn't know... she is obsessed with shoes. A real Imelda Marcos, this one is. Anyhow... she was quite amused by the fact that I took pictures of her shoes and showed them too her.
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