Thursday, April 17, 2008

All Hail Broke Loose!

Well... after Eli's show we heard there was a tornado about 30 minutes east of us. So we high tailed it home. The Weatherman... er person said that we'd either get a twister, or hail.

We took an impromptu poll and decided that hail would be better. Thankfully, Heavenly Father agreed. Here are some nice pictures of the hail after it stopped beating on the house. Fortunately, we didn't get any baseball sized hail and all of our house windows are intact. The sirens went off in our city, which sent all of our kids heading for the closet. We had fun snacking on Monkey Bread and popsicles to keep them distracted. I got to tell the tale of the "Hail Storm of 1980" with our broken windows and soaked clothes. I was only like 6 at the time, so maybe it was accurate. ;)

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Lizabee said...

so how big was it? the second pic looks almost golf ball. sadly i miss texas' scary weather.

Gin Gin said...

I think it was only about quarter size. Most pieces were probably about dime size. We actually saved some in the freezer. I can't believe how many leaves are all over the yard. It's like fall in springtime.