Friday, April 25, 2008


"Oh, my!"
Necco Wafers
Pretty purses
Baby whisperer
Handkerchief babies
Pretty nails
Washing dishes
Photo Albums
Kitchen drawer
"Is it raining there?"
Valentine cookies
Chocolate chip pies
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Anonymous said...

That is her! Thanks!

Lizabee said...

UNO, shoes, church bags, hand turkey, fashion show, "yucky" hamburgers that i still crave, candy dish, sugar pecans,wedding lipstick(she was the only one who had some for me to borrow for my wedding photos). Oh man I miss her.

bedelia said...

lounge dresses, cows, pretty furniture, animal drawings, whisking about the house, little feet, aprons, getting a boy to mash the potatoes, stale crackers, decorations, pretty fragile things everywhere...I'm bawling and I miss her so much.

Lizabee said...

I still think about her and miss her everyday...all of the sudden every old lady has become grandma and sometimes i find myself just staring and remembering and wishing she was still here. Am i wierd?

Gin Gin said...

I know this is a two year old post and all, but I still miss her, and yes every gray haired lady reminds me of Grandma. I still like to watch them to "catch a glimpse" of her. I think about her everyday. I still sometimes have dreams of her, which I very much look forward to because I can give her hugs and I introduce her to Zoey. sigh. So glad to know I'll see her in person again one day.