Sunday, June 3, 2007

Road Trip!

Well, I don't have many great pics for this one, but yesterday, I went on a road trip with April, Lily, and Ian to pick up Kelvin in Kansas. Lily slept a lot, and cried even more. I forgot what that was like. She was so funny when we got home. She was crawling around all over the place just happy as a clam! We left a little after 7 and got home about 9. We enjoyed the best things in OK and pretty well hated the rest. They have the best beef jerky in the world, and the coolest red dirt. The roads made us think we had a flat tire on the freeway, and the exits were confusing! We were so glad when we made it to Kansas where the roads are almost normal. Texas was a site for sore eyes. Inspite of our little difficulties and road wear, we had lots of fun enjoying each other's company and we are excited to have Kelvin home with his family for the summer!

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