Friday, June 1, 2007

Eli's 5 ! (June 1)

So, This is how the Birthday Cake turned out. I was so pleased because I bought a cake leveler. It was the first layer cake I've made that didn't slide around while I was frosting it. Eli likes soccer, so we put soccer balls on the cake.

This is Eli eating his favorite dinner. He apparently loves corndogs. We had corndogs the night before too, and I couldn't convince him to pick anything else. So, everyone else ate chicken!
Notice the ketchup bottle right next to his plate... If you look closely, you might be able to see the smiley face he proudly painted on the corndog.

Eli had lots of fun opening presents.
He got a pirate dress up kit with a telescope and a hook, lots of cool Spiderman stuff, some water toys, and a basketball hoop!

After the party, Andrew arrived late from work and got to join us for some water play (and almost got hit by a "fly ball" water balloon as he was leaving :D ). Dad fixed up some water balloons and everyone got squirted with Eli's water blaster and new sprinkler. The kids had lots of fun dropping little balls down the spiral green thingy and watching them shoot up in the air.

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