Thursday, June 7, 2007

Library, Library, Library. Circus?

Well, I have to admit, taking the kids to the library does sometimes feel like a circus. This week we visited libraries 3 times. Saginaw Library had the Ringling Bros. Clowns Slappy and Monday come for a visit. It was a wonderful performance that we all loved! The kids will get free circus tickets when they read 5 books. They will also get lots of fun prizes for reading by the hour. Alicia has read a boat load of hours already. We challenged her to read the first 5 Harry Potter books by the time the movie comes out so that she'll be allowed to see it. Apparently, that was high motivation because she read the first book in less than 1 week.

Yesterday we visited the River Oaks library and the kids got to learn a lot about Cherokee heritage from a woman in our community. Then we headed out for playgroup in White Settlement. It was water day and the kids got completely soaked. I can't imagine them having more fun!

Today we went back to the Saginaw Library and saw a performance of the Tortise and the Hare. The kids had a front row seat and loved it. All the kids got to "help" make a salad for the Tortise using their imaginations. Eli was picked to put dressing on the salad. It was so cute.

We have been enjoying having Daddy at home with us and homework free for a few weeks now. Today he started his new job delivering pizza for Dominos and we really miss him! But we are also happy that he has a job he will like. Here he's getting ready to read to the kids before bed.

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bedelia said...

I love libraries and I'm glad they make them a place kids want to be. And to Paul, I loved delivery driving. It was just so nice to be able to drive around and call it work. Hopefully, gas prices don't kill the job though.