Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's up with the Turkey Farm...

News.... well. We are finally all moved out of the old place as of Sat. We have been in the new place since August. :) The kids are doing well in school.

Alicia is fitting right in at her new middle school and loving the fact that there are several member kids in her school, and even a couple in her classes. :D

Mahala is missing her old friends and school, but is doing great at her new school. She has joined the Honor Choir, and any one who would like to see her perform should come to the Northwest Branch Library Sat. morning. I hear they put on a GREAT show! We're expecting it to be televised also. :D

Eli is doing great and seems to be enjoying his class. We have already begun finding ways to help him be even more successful! I'm very happy about that. We are blessed that he has another teacher that cares about him and is willing to go the extra mile.

Parker is having a great time being in school all day. His greatest disappointment is that he doesn't get to take his lunch every day. He loves riding the bus to school and has a classmate that lives next door/across the street from us.

And both boys are finally growing like weeds!

Lily loves, loves, loves school. She knows most of her letters already, and tells me when she sees letters that are in her school friends names. When we drive around town, she sometimes says that she thinks we are passing homes where her busmates live. :) She's so smart and observent.

Zoey is talking more and more and using more advanced sentences. It's so fun to listen to her. Hopefully someday she'll overcome her public speaking problem so everyone else can enjoy hearing her talk as well. :)

The 4 middle kids were in the Primary Presentation this past Sunday. They all did a great job. Parker made the cutest face at everyone when he got up. I think he was a little irritated that everyone was looking at him. :D

Paul is still enjoying teaching Art. He is especially fond of supporting Pioneer Football. :) I'm still a bit torn over that, being a Lions fan, but I am actually enjoying it too.

I am having fun in the new house. It is quite a challenge to keep up with double the square feet, but loving it nonetheless. I'm also doing a re-read of one of my favorite books to get ready for the movie. I'm so excited!

We're all looking forward to dressing up for Halloween this weekend. I hope to have some great pictures to post for next week. :D

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bedelia said...

thanks for the update. it just needed pictures. ;) if u get a second call lizzie. i think they are wondering about teaching jobs.