Saturday, October 17, 2009

Let there be light!

This past summer, there was a balloon incident where a balloon got wrapped in the light pull chain and caught in the fan. Then the chain got ripped off to where you could not reach the last ball of the chain inside the switch. I tried to get at it with needle nose pliers, tweezers, the little connector thingys, and who knows what else I tried. Eventually, I decided that once I got the kids room cleaned up (this was about 3-4 months agot) that I would bug my daddy and have him help me change out the switch on the fan. Well, the kids got their room clean last weekend. Yesterday, I went in to check on my nephews playing. I looked up at the light and was filled with sudden inspiration. I'm not sure if it was the lost tooth, short sewing stint at R.S., seeing dental floss in the hall, the Spirit, or watching Kung Fu Panda ;), but when I looked up at the light, I knew I needed to make a slipknot in a piece of thread and the problem would be solved! You can see the end result in this picture. (I'm pulling on the chain.) I was so happy to have figured it out I called Paul and told him I was allowing him to bask in my awesomeness! LOL

Mahala enjoying the light so that she can read a comic book.

Zoey enjoying the almost clean room, and picking up remnants and shoving them in her mouth! I say what do you have in your mouth? Then she spits it out and shows me! I hate that...scary.

He looks so sweet and cute and docile in this picture. LOL Just random I know.
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