Monday, July 27, 2009

Fake Camping

So we went Kamping last weekend at the KOA. Paul and I agree that it is fake camping because, well, for one there was no dirt. Look at that beautiful lawn we pitched our tent on. We had a little cabinet to lock stuff up and electricity for our fridge. It was a very nice stepping stone for our first official summer camping trip with 6 kiddos.

Zoey didn't really appreciate us setting her down in the grass to play... at first. So, to our delight, she decided that walking was preferable! She took more steps holding my one hand than she has ever taken holding two hands at home. Such fun!

This next photo is so that you can see the nice pavilion we got to use 1/6th of for our camp site. I'm thinking of haggling for a big RV site if we ever do the KOA thing again so we can pitch 2 tents. Also, you can see that it was awfully hot there and we decided shortly to pick up our tent and move it over to the opposite side. For some reason, I thought that was incredibly fun carrying a tent down the road. Moving all our other stuff was considerably less fun. Oh, and also, because it was so hot, I have NEVER seen my husband drink so much WATER before. It tasted fabulous because it was ice cold. :D

See those goggles Mr. P. Lee is holding? Miracles I say. We had access to a nifty little pool while we were there. The first day, there was quite a bit of grumbling about not being able to swim underwater and catch the pool torpedo, and no less sputtering from unwanted water in the mouth. The next day, we had picked up these little miracles and our children turned into fish. I love goggles! I just wish I had some pics from the pool for you, but I was afraid Lily would throw it in along with all the other stuff she tossed in the pool. :S

All in all, we had a great time, but are desperately hopeful next summer for REAL camping which apparently includes mountains, cold nights, low humidity, igloo water jugs, and lousy bathrooms. (I drooled over Amelia and Jordan's Flicker pics)
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bedelia said...

I guess that means next year you can just camp in UT!!!

Gin Gin said...

lol yes. I think that was what he was hinting at. Wasatch to be specific. Hopefully we can do that so we could visit everyone!

Jordy said...

2010 = Amon Reunion in Utah!!! You know, camping in the mountains is great, but there's also nothing like camping in Texas! Loved the photos

Pablo said...

lol well I could make a comparison of Texas camping to camping in, oh.....I don't know.....The Sahara! :P