Friday, March 20, 2009

Yucky Carpet?

Ok, so this is one of those kinda embarassing blog posts, but oh well. We live in an old house, with old carpet and 6 kids. They are messy. (Especially the one that doesn't count as a kid.) So, we have icky spots on the carpet that don't seem to want to come out no matter what we do.
Then along comes Grammer with a great product called Folex. I love it! The first time I used it I followed the directions and used my fingers to "agitate" the spot. Er... I agitated lots of spots, ah... enthusiastically, and um, rubbedtheskinoffmyfingers. SO.... if you use this, I recommend a stiff brush.

Just to show what it does, the first pic is before.

The second is after less than 5 minutes of spraying the center and scrubbing with the brush.

The last pic is after 15 minutes of taking the first photo. This is including the time to run back and forth taking pictures and shooing kids away. If I hadn't run out of Folex, I would show you the finished product. (I only had a little left to start with, it goes a long way.) So, that's my "soap box" of the day! Off to go buy more Folex!


bedelia said...

#4 got me onto that and I love it. we've used on the seats in the car and stuff too. love it!!!

Tink said...

Wow, that's impressive. Sorry about your skin off your fingers, though! (;