Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My little Gray Kitty

My Great Grandpa Holley used to sing a song like this, but I'm pretty sure that in his version, "Alas, my poor kitty was drowned."


Oh where, oh where is my little grey kitty?
I've hunted the house all around
I've looked in the cradle
In under the table
And nowhere can kitty be found.

I saw a boy trundle away a small bundle
And carry it down to the brook
Perhaps it was kitty, so cunning and pretty,
I think I'll go down there and look.

I'll take my hook and go down to the brook
To see if my kitty is there
And if I find that my kitty's been drowned
Oh, then I'll give up in despair.

Your little grey kitty has not been drowned
I've found her and brought her to you
But before you take, a promise please make
That you'll not blame the boys anymore.

from number 66

Anybody remember more of this one:

"Humpty Dumpty, diddle o day
sit in the corner churnin' away..."

Sung while bouncing a child on your knee.


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bedelia said...

You just brought back some great memories. I remember both but with a drowning kitty as well. I can't remember any more of the other. I'm gonna look into this though.