Tuesday, February 12, 2008

6 Things about me.

Ok... Missy, my knife weilding sister, tagged me.

1. I hate variegated string/thread/yarn. I am not sure why. Especially when it is in multiple colors. It is completely random and unpredictable what you're going to get out of it. I can't stand it. I know... I'm psycho. It's kinda ok for somethings that other people make, but I don't even like to touch it.

2. I have always wanted to learn to paint and to be a photographer. For some reason, that didn't mesh well with my curriculum to become a computer programmer. So, I pretty much considered it a miracle when digital cameras came out on the market for me to tinker with. For some reason, I have a real soft spot for water color painting.

3. I threw a basketball at my future husband before I met him. I shoulda known then he was a good catch.

4. I have to listen to Enya when I am in labor or having an anxiety attack.

5. I am desperately cheap. I have to have holes in my shoes, knickers, jeans, etc. before I'll buy new ones. I don't mean, oops I have a hole, time to go shopping, I mean.... "Shoot, I have had a hole in these for 6 mo. I better replace them pretty soon." Also, I justify getting my car inspected one day late, because over 12 years, I'll save 40 bucks. That's more embarrasing than the holes!

6. One of my favorite things to do is to check for mail.


bedelia said...

5.ummm, I've had the same knickers since we got married and they have lots of holes and I'm just tooooo cheap to get more. And, an inspection a day late saves $40 for the next 12 years I'll be a day late for $40. Of course with inflation, it might be even more. too funny
6. I love love love checking the mail. Its like the highlight of my day. I don't know why. Sometimes Jonah loses our mail key and I can't do anything until I find it.

Momma said...

You and your commenting sister are your Daddy's girls. I like to do everything early and live with the one day late inspection man!