Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us.

So, it's eleven years now! Paul was sweet and got me a gift card for a hair salon. So I went and got an awesome cut, my very first highlights (red and auburn) and she even styled it for me. (Paul said, so you mean that's not the way it's going to look when you fix it every day?) It was really fun and someday, I might do it again. I'm so cheap though... it was my first hair cut that cost more than 15 bucks including the tip. I'm saving so much money cutting Paul and the boys hair myself though... I might actually treat myself again... I really like the cut.

We tried to do dinner and a movie at the Movie Tavern. Uh, I think next time I have to take a baby on a date with me, I'm going to go to a sporting event where it's ok to scream. :D It was nice to have some time together with my honey.
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bedelia said...

Funny about the screaming. I know what you mean about haircuts. The fancy place really do a better job...most of the time. Its like they do the little things so then when you do style it yourself it still looks comparable to how they styled it. I love your hair.